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A smoother title process helps you deliver higher-quality results and makes you indispensable to your clients. What could you do with more business and more time?


In an industry known for stagnation and antiquated practices, it is refreshing to see that we are finally moving the needle when it comes to adopting better technology and processes. Better tools help landmen spend more time using their expertise for skilled work and less time on repetitive data entry and monotonous tasks. Your highest and best use is in your brainpower, leave the rest to us. 


Learning and utilizing emerging technologies puts you at the top of your game and widens your professional path. The demand for landmen who understand how software tools will impact the future of the Oil & Gas industry is growing exponentially. Wizdom Land is digital proof of your experience, skill set, and knowledge, which you can carry with you throughout your career.  


Set yourself apart. Many landmen and independent contractors worry technology that makes their work more efficient and streamlines processes will reduce their billable hours and even demand. We believe that the opposite is true; when your clients can see more effective results and transparency, you build trust and long-term relationships. Better work today means more work tomorrow.   


When you’re looking for work they say, “Email a resume,” and it’s filed away with 20 others. When it comes to hiring landmen, managers have no way of verifying how much of the information on a resume is legitimate and how much is fabricated. 

IF you get an interview for a new project, they ask about your experience; which basins, how many counties you’ve worked, how many acres you’ve run, etc.  You can rattle off the recent stuff, but that may just scratch the surface of your work history. Without a way to really showcase your value, they lump you in with the rest and begin to haggle over day rates.

Have you ever wondered how many instruments you’ve reviewed in your career? Could you take your experience and put it on a map to show your exposure to different basins and title challenges?  Are you a crew chief, and if so, how many people have you managed in your career? By using Wizdom you are building a reputation of verified work experience that will become priceless as it grows; especially during the downturns where only vetted, proven professionals will prevail. 

This is YOUR account.  Control YOUR future. Stop haggling over day rates and take ownership.

Instant Resume

Wizdom allows you to share your work history with companies with whom you want to form a relationship.  This data is verifiable by a 3rd party and allows you to stand out from the masses of so-called “Landman” whose resume shows 6 years of work in the field when in reality, their only experience is in making copies of abstracts.

Track Skills

Wizdom stores metrics which can be translated into hard numbers anyone can understand.  It can break down and visually show the counties where you’ve worked, the number of titles completed, and even the number of instruments you’ve reviewed over the life of a project or your career.

Verified Experience

When you create a Wizdom account, it is your personal account.  You can choose to accept work from fantastic clients and land services companies around the country.   Because Wizdom stores your metrics, essentially building a verified resume of experience that you can choose to share with a click.

At a Glance

Tell Your Story

 Visual Map Display

 Accurate Metrics

 Export & Share


The ability to take pictures of the instruments while in the courthouse is handy, but also tedious when transferring, combining, or renaming images. Keeping Surface, Minerals, Mortgages and Leasehold chains correct, means a lot of back and forth to ensure you’ve covered all your tasks. Complicated tracts, old HBP, Subdivisions, etc. can mean 1000’s of instruments you need to review. 

Wizdom can fix that.

Excel Compatibility

Use our Excel index import template to copy data from county and title company indexes and import them into your examination projects.  Export your run sheets into Excel for title breakouts and proofing before delivery.

Bulk Capture & Auto-Recognition

Upload hundreds or even thousands of documents and Wizdom will auto-associate them to your title chain indexing and digital courthouse.  Wizdom will tell you what you already have the moment you do the index, so you aren’t capturing the same document more than once. Our mobile app facilities delivery on real-time document requests from the courthouse to your examination.

Tools Built for Title Examiners

Keep track of the instruments you’ve reviewed in large chains.  Mark instruments with title issues and classify them as containing mineral conveyances or active leasehold conveyances. Create tracts on your instruments and copy them across a common chain.  Simple tools to conduct your examination along with the auto-updating document viewer keeps you interpreting title instead of searching for and opening documents.

Powerfully Simple Tools

Wizdom gives you the flexibility to do what you need to do, how it needs to be done and in the format your client needs.  The ability to import and export your reports allows you to tackle any project. Wizdom’s Auto-Recognition of documents simplifies huge assignments.  If it has been added to the system, you have immediate access. Enjoy more time to review the document and make sure you track every lease instead of worrying whether or not you’ve made copies.


Wizdom partners with well, state/fed and county land records data providers across the country in many of the major oil and gas basins. You will have instant and comprehensive access to county records for reasonable, pay-as-you-go pricing with convenient cost reporting features to your brokerage or client.  Many of the counties we serve with through our data vendors do not have online access and we are partnering with new data providers every day so that soon you will be able to do 90%-100% of your work from the comfort of your own home or personal office.

Robust Data in Major Basins

…And Getting Better Every Day

Take it From Our Customers...

Wizdom reports come to me as a standardized, polished product that saves me a lot of time in preparing a title opinion. I can easily search every document to flag and resolve issues. Everything is in one place and uniform every time so I can quickly deliver my opinion which is something my clients really appreciate.

~ Oil & Gas Attorney

I’ve been a landman since 1968, and as land gets passed down through generations, minerals get split which makes gathering and reviewing land records much more complicated than it used to be. Compared to the old title process, Wizdom makes our title process 3-4X faster and significantly reduces our costs. I have seen a lot of title tools come and go over the years and nothing has made anywhere close to the impact we have seen with Wizdom.

~Jimmy Cain, Landman

Wizdom has really given me the ability to expand my responsibilities as a landman which makes me more valuable. This tool allows me to create title assignments, generate runsheets, and find documents so much faster because everything is organized in one place. I am ahead of the curve when it comes to landmen, and that means better job security going forward. This is where the industry is going and landmen need to get on board if they want to stay at the top of their game.

~Drew Schutts, Landman

I do a lot of abstracting on a daily basis, and since I began been using Wizdom, I’ve saved so much time by not having to repeatedly pull the same documents. Since everything is electronic, I am able to make changes or fix mistakes and regenerate reports in minutes rather than starting all over again. Wizdom has made my process so much more efficient.

~Stevie Frey, Project Manager – LoneTree Energy & Associates

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