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The Wizdom platform keeps your title process clean and streamlined from beginning to end. Your remote title examination team can work together in real-time to quickly access and review data in one place. Generate run sheets and upload bulk data in one click so you can focus on what you do best- Delivering superior results to your clients.  


In an extremely competitive industry, land service companies can no longer afford to use an outdated title process if they expect to stay relevant.  Your clients want to know their data is secure and confidential and that they can put their trust in your work time and time again because you provide accountability and insight in a business that is often messy and veiled in mystery. 


Make room for business growth and lower your cost per acre by reducing the time spent on data entry and in the courthouse. Wizdom provides powerful tools and data for indexing, mapping, imaging and collaboration that turns days into minutes and empowers title professionals to do their job at a higher level. Lower costs and less busy work sets you apart as an invaluable partner.


How much time do you spend getting a new landman up to speed when they come on board? You have to add them to multiple spreadsheets and programs for each tract assignment. Traditionally, keeping your team focused and on track means a constant stream of emails, calls, and meetings that bog down productivity. Wizdom is a collaborative team and project management tool that tracks progress and communication allowing everyone to work smarter and more effectively.

Get Up to Speed & Get to Work


Quick Onboarding

 Onboarding a new landman with Wizdom is as easy as it gets.  Project templates and instructions are attached to the assignment and you can grant access with one click.  The platform is user-friendly and intuitive so your landman can begin producing right away.

Access Info

When a client or colleague needs information or has a question, you can easily find data points and answers rather than sifting through notes and documents.

Keep Up

The title industry is moving more and more toward remote examination, having a platform that keeps everyone on the same page with consistent results is crucial to your company’s ability to compete.

Team & Workflow


Complete Control of Data Access

Title Process Oversight

Central Data Repository

Document & Data Management

Wizdom has cracked the code of common document recognition and full digital courthouse functionality by allowing party name, tract, or recording information searches. As a manager, see your title team progress on a map and monitor performance to ensure your team crushes client goals (and your competition).

Real-Time Data

View what is done and being completed on an interactive map.  Visually tracking the progress of each step in the title process means no more guessing where the title is located. Real-time data allows you to make better decisions.

Fix Issues

Wizdom gives you the ability to see the issues your landman is running into before it becomes a problem for you is priceless.  Understanding the complexity of the tract, whether it’s minerals, surface or leasehold, means you can allocate resources quickly to get the job done before the title is due.

Database Driven

Database driven means that your reports will follow a consistent format when you deliver it for a title opinion or when passing it from landman to landman.  Your time will be spent making sure it is correct instead of crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

Organization &
Optimal Work Flow

Generic cloud storage platforms have revolutionized land services, but none of the big-name cloud solutions manage the complexities of digital courthouses or multi-tract title databases. Sometimes title takes a long time to run, and ping-pong communication along with reviewing multiple spreadsheets and outdated maps is the main time-sink.  Completed reports come in from the field means correcting formatting, omissions, and discrepancies.  


If your clients are not already directly consuming your work product through the Wizdom platform, managers in Wizdom can export convenient Excel run sheets with hyperlinks to the title chain, additional materials examined such as maps, original indexes, tax information along with your final deliverable whether an abstract, lease check or ownership report.  These exports can be shared with your clients via email instead of flash drives or a custom managed cloud storage sites. For those attorneys who still like paper, export abstracts with page numbers with run sheet cross-references.

Powerful Reports & Exports

Instruments, spreadsheets, plats, lease checks, indexes, abstracts, runsheets, title reports, updates, tax information, curative, etc.- all together in one place.  Whether it is a jpeg, pdf, tiff, xlsx, docx, and more.

It doesn’t matter. It’s there and its secure.

Take it From Our Customers...

At Wizdom, they’re innovators, they listen to their clients, and they actually get results. They have nailed their functionality because they don’t try to be everything to everyone. Each component works and integrates beautifully together which makes each step seamless. The automated map feature is especially brilliant because we can easily export and transport files into our other systems so that everyone involved can visualize the title project in a user-friendly interface. Getting up to speed on Wizdom is simple enough that anyone can learn and utilize the software quickly and effectively.

Jeff Karcz MS, RPL – President of  Gaea Energy Advisors

Our clients entrust us with confidential information in order to carry out their project. We then have to share some of this information with the independent contractors that we employ. The Wizdom platform enables us to silo information and grant/revoke access to sensitive data so that we can keep it secure. Having our contractors work within the platform rather than in spreadsheets allows us to monitor their activity on a daily basis. Wizdom gives us and our clients more peace of mind when it comes to protecting their interests.

Tyler Aylor, Regional Manager – Reagan Resources

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