What is Your Opportunity Cost?

Drive Down Your Cost Per Acre, Ramp Up Your Competitive Advantage.
Spend less time requesting & searching for information, and more time making decisions, taking action and adding value to your organization.


You’re paying to assemble proprietary title data for each tract you examine. That data belongs to you and it should remain secure and confidential. You need to know that it will not be disclosed to or accessed by another company. Ensure that your valuable information is not buried in a file cabinet, never to see the light of day again. Wizdom keeps your data private and provides tools to organize, review and utilize your data in ways you never imagined. 


The title process has historically and infamously been a cluttered, disorganized workflow. Too often you have no control or insight when it comes to your title vendors’ process. With Wizdom, you can track the progress of every title to keep your project on track and successful. Real-time processes create more opportunities and a greater competitive advantage.

What will you do with yours?


How much time are you wasting just looking for previous title data? With Wizdom, all of your data is accessible in one place and easily searchable. You will reduce your title costs by cutting out repetitive work you have already paid to assemble, and eliminate the need to start from scratch on every single tract. Drive down your cost per acre and accelerate your title process.
Finally, you have the power to demand more efficiency and faster results.

Security Is Key

Traditionally, everyone who has access to the server may also have access to every title report ever created, including projects they haven’t worked on. When a contractor is no longer working for you, he may still have access to your data, especially if he or she is still working with the same provider. Documents, maps, runsheets, flowcharts are saved in multiple places, on multiple machines both internally and on private computers. The current methods make securing your proprietary data nearly impossible. What could a rogue agent do with the valuable data your company has paid to assemble?

Land service providers who use Wizdom for title research are protecting your company’s current and historic title research data. They can grant and revoke agent access to sensitive title examination tracts or projects.

With Wizdom, There’s No More Guessing.

Your Data-
Secure & Confidential

Wizdom can import, manage, and host your proprietary digital courthouses for secure, convenient access by service providers without risking theft or duplication of your data.

Control Data Access

With Wizdom, you know exactly who has what access to each assignment and you can ensure the protection of your data by simply granting or revoking access with a single click. 

Central Data Repository

Wizdom secures all related information, in one place, where it can be accessed by ONLY authorized users. all of your data is searchable and can be pulled up instantly when it is added to the system. 

Title Process Oversight

From your Wizdom platform, you can see the progress your team is making on their various assignments and help to identify and resolve issues as they arise and before they become larger problems. 

Document & Data Management

Real-Time Data

View what is done and being completed on an interactive map.  Visually tracking the progress of each step in the title process means no more guessing where the title is located. Real-time data allows you to make better decisions.

Boost Productivity

Capitalize on the ability to re-use data for updating, verification, data rooms, curative, JIB/Revenue deck maintenance, and more. With on-demand title, information is available at your fingertips or it can be streamed as a layer into your GIS systems.

Database Driven

Database driven means that your reports will follow a consistent format when you deliver it for a title opinion or when passing it from landman to landman.  Your time will be spent making sure it is correct instead of crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

Organization &
Optimal Work Flow

How much time are you wasting digging through DropBox, Excel, flash drives or even banker boxes full of random documents? Wizdom provides tools for land service companies and attorneys to conveniently consume and process title materials for review.  Produce clean, consistent abstracts and runsheets in minutes rather than hours. Turn a 30-day close into a 10 to 15 day close on a lease or mineral purchase.  Save your attorney time and hassle in returning a title opinion by delivering clean, accurate title packages. 

How many more title defects could your land service company find in due diligence if they spent 30-40% less time on data capture?  How many more well locations could you clear ahead of your rig if you could exponentially reduce time spent on abstracting and title review?


Title is a time-consuming process.  When acquiring assets, due diligence efforts suffer when it takes too much time to gather, organize and share data leaving less time for your team to spot defects.  Wizdom customers tell us they either claim or fix more title defects because they were able to reduce the time spent on data capture by 30-40%. Mineral and lease buyers are able to close deals in half the time which makes it possible to accelerate the pace and increase the number of deals they can handle.  Wizdom is the key to staying ahead of your rigs and clearing the requirements faster.

What Opportunities Are Out There Waiting?

Powerful Reports & Exports

Instruments, spreadsheets, plats, lease checks, indexes, abstracts, runsheets, title reports, updates, tax information, curative, etc.- all together in one place.  Whether it is a jpeg, pdf, tiff, xlsx, docx, and more.

It doesn’t matter. It’s there and its secure.

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“Our side of the oil and gas industry has to accept these advancements in the way that we protect our client’s data and properly manage the information that they purchase. It’s great to see a land services product that is as serious about protecting our client’s data as Wizdom is.”

~ Joe Thames | Baseline Minerals

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