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Wizdom Supercharges Oil and Gas Title Research with Digital Land Records Partnership in the Powder River Basin


Denver, CO – Wizdom Land Solutions, Inc. (“Wizdom”) and Land Data Images (“LDI”) announce their partnership to provide on-demand access to land records from county clerk offices in the Powder River Basin through Wizdom’s online title examination and project management platform. For over a decade, LDI has maintained several patent-to-present digital courthouses and this strategic partnership provides a new, highly streamlined method to examine land records and share them across teams of landmen and attorneys who research oil, gas, and minerals rights on behalf of mineral buyers, exploration and drilling companies.


The oil & gas title industry is beginning to recognize how much time and money is spent manually gathering courthouse data. In the rush to maintain a competitive advantage and save money, title researchers are leveraging millions of digital land records across all the major basins. The integration of LDI virtual courthouses into the Wizdom title platform is considered a huge win amongst title landmen and attorneys in the Powder River Basin. Until now, there have been no online land records for Campbell County or Sheridan County. Coverage was very limited in Johnson County, and even though Converse County is fully online, the LDI-Wizdom integration provides more convenience and cost savings compared to the online county portals. Players in the Powder can now instantly pull land and deed records for title research to see who owns the minerals and the oil and gas leases at pricing that is competitive with county copy fees and eliminates the time and cost of travel for imaging records in the courthouse.


LDI principal, Erich Zeeb says “LDI was the first to offer online records for the Powder River Basin and we are excited to provide our clients access to the next big technological leap for title research.  By partnering with Wizdom our customers can access critical project management and data security tools that are only brought to the market by Wizdom.”


Wizdom principal, Brett Wisner says, “Partnering with Land Data Images couldn’t have come at a more important time as the competitive landscape in the Powder River Basin heats up. Wizdom and LDI will position our clients with an edge you can’t get anywhere else.”


Joe Thames of Baseline Minerals says “Our side of the oil and gas industry has to accept these advancements in the way that we protect our client’s data and properly manage the information that they purchase. It’s great to see a land services product that is as serious as we are about protecting our clients’ data.”



Wizdom Land is a title software for E&P companies, landmen and attorneys that organizes each step in the examination process. Secure your data, instantly pull records, generate runsheets and abstracts, and easily keep track of your title, team progress, and documents. Wizdom provides peace of mind by keeping sensitive data organized, secure and confidential.