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Evolution of Title Examination

Relative to other industries, oil and gas has been largely conservative when it comes to embracing technology; however, in more recent years there has been a notable shift. In an era of lower oil prices, the need to cut costs and reduce inefficiencies has prompted a change.

In the past, a Landman would have to hop in their car and spend months at a time traveling to different courthouses across the country. They would take notes on yellow legal pads, type up mineral and leasehold ownership reports in MS Word, and print them off for the filing cabinet. Some companies and individuals still use this manual process today. It is highly inefficient, redundant and subject to too many errors, ultimately resulting in higher costs for the customer.

Today it is more common to see a variety of tools, such as MS Excel, Dropbox, mobile capture, and servers, used in the title examination process. With more courthouses becoming digital, landmen can spend less time collecting documents at the courthouse and more time examining title. Landmen and title examiners are expected to be proficient in an array of technologies to stay competitive. Title examination is complex enough, without having to learn and maintain multiple systems to preserve information.

We created Wizdom Land to change the industry by providing a simple and universal platform that specifically addresses today‚Äôs challenges with remote title examination. We saw too many duplicated efforts, data entry, and an overall lack of title backup and preservation. Use just ONE technology to index, capture, examine and maintain complex title chains. Wizdom is learning from the past…to design the future.