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Your Data, Tools & Team Together in One Place, Clean & Simple

Wizdom was built with the future of the title process in mind. When it comes to keeping up with the demand, title professionals know that organization is the key to productivity and sanity. Too often, the task of staying organized and performing data entry takes more time than the actual examination. Wizdom turns hours into minutes makes the mundane manageable. Staying ahead of the competition takes out-of-the-box thinking and the evolution of title work takes Wizdom.


What opportunities could you create if you had a more streamlined process, better focus, and fewer costs?

Drive Costs Down

Spend less time and money in the field and on data-entry. Lower cost per acre gives you more control and greater bandwidth.

Collaborate in Real-Time

A shorter lag time between data collection and review allows your team to use their skill and expertise to deliver better results.

Become Indispensable

Accessibility and transparency make you invaluable to your clients and creates a real competitive advantage.

 “Our side of the oil and gas industry has to accept these advancements in the way that we protect our client’s data and properly manage the information that they purchase. It’s great to see a land services product that is as serious about protecting our client’s data as Wizdom is.”

~ Joe Thames | Baseline Minerals


Wizdom makes indexing, capturing, and examining complex title chains a breeze.

No Fuss Generation of Abstracts & Run-Sheets

Wizdom automates abstract and run-sheet assembly so you can deliver consistent, professional products to your clients. Title managers have instant access to verify preserved documents, ensure accuracy, and quality control.

Bulk Import Online County Records… Like a Boss

For those counties that do have digitized records, Wizdom provides easy to use, automated tools so you can easily index and upload 1,000’s of documents into your own “virtual” courthouse. Never search, download, lose access, or pay for those documents again!

Mobile Document Scanning

True title examination will likely always require at least one team member active in the field. Wizdom optimizes this hands-on work via our advanced mobile document capture app. Use the app for real-time document requests between remote and boots-on-the-ground title examiners.

Everything the Modern Title Examiner
Needs to Get the Job Done.

 Easy to use integrations give title management professionals
the 21st-century tools they’ve been waiting for.

Build Your Own Digital Courthouse

You collect, review and summarize enormous amounts of title information for every project. Why not preserve and organize that information into a usable, valuable asset for the future? Wizdom is the perfect resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their hard fought data collections.

Data Security You Can Hang Your Hat On

Wizdom uses the same SSL encrypted connections as your online banking services. The inclusion of “data silos” ensure that any work processed and generated for one client cannot be used for another client. Title managers have full control of these security features.

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