Wizdom is…

Learning from the Past… to Design the Future.

Build and manage your remote title examination teams with ease

Build and Manage Teams with Ease

Wizdom allows any sized remote examination team to be assembled in minutes. The easy to use integration increases the effectiveness of your team by making you efficient no matter the size of your project. Using tools for responsive collaboration and increased transparency among team members in real-time, regardless of their location.

Become a Team of One

Whether you’re working with a team or as an independent land professional, Wizdom is your full cycle title examination toolkit, accessible from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Get more done and get noticed doing it.

Real-Time Team Monitoring

Are you responsible for managing teams of title examiners? Gain control and increase efficiency with the ability to send new title assignments in seconds, monitor each examiner’s progress live, and keep your finger on the pulse of the project.

As the complexity of mineral and leasehold titles continues to increase, the process involved in supplying an effective title examination today can be easily summed up as requiring:

10% arithmetic, 30% experience and 60% organization.

Designed for the Next Generation of Title Examiners.

Wizdom makes indexing, capturing, and examining complex title chains a breeze, thanks to responsive, collaboration tools.

Wizdom makes indexing, capturing, and examining complex title chains a breeze.

No Fuss Generation of Abstracts & Run-Sheets

Wizdom automates abstract and run-sheet assembly so you can deliver consistent, professional products to your clients. Title managers have instant access to verify preserved documents, ensure accuracy, and quality control.

Bulk Import Online County Records… Like a Boss

For those counties that do have digitized records, Wizdom provides easy to use, automated tools so you can easily index and upload 1,000’s of documents into your own “virtual” courthouse. Never search, download, lose access, or pay for those documents again!

Mobile Document Scanning

True title examination will likely always require at least one team member active in the field. Wizdom optimizes this hands-on work via our advanced mobile document capture app. Use the app for real-time document requests between remote and boots-on-the-ground title examiners.

While other companies attempt to manage complexity, we’ve gone and made things simple.

Everything the Modern Title Examiner Needs to Get the Job Done.

Easy to use integrations give title management professionals the 21st-century tools they have been waiting for.

Build Your Own Digital Courthouse

You collect, review and summarize enormous amounts of title information for every project. Why not preserve and organize that information into a usable, valuable asset for the future? Wizdom is the perfect resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their hard fought data collections.

Data Security That You Can Trust

Wizdom uses the same SSL encrypted connections as your online banking services. The inclusion of “data silos” ensure that any work processed and generated for one client cannot be used for another client. Title managers have full control of these security features.

Title Professionals that
Work with Us

E&P and Mineral Companies, Brokers, Attorneys and Independent Land Examination Professionals all find benefits and gain tangible results from integrating the Wizdom system into their current management processes.

No matter what your current title examination needs entail, go ahead and request a free demo today. Just a few minutes is all it takes to see why Wizdom is quickly becoming the industry disruptor you have been waiting for.

Brokers and Independent Land Professionals

The title examination tools you need to deliver quality work faster, allowing you to outperform the competition in this highly competitive market.

Deliver Abstracts and Reports Faster
Wizdom cuts your abstract completion and title report delivery times in half. Keep clients happy and coming back for repeat business.

Keep your Costs Competitive
Wizdom allows you to adapt a leaner model of remote examination by enabling truly responsive support of large title teams with a very limited number of well-trained people actually needed on the ground.

Reduced Instances of Errors
Wizdom relies on a system where every iteration yields a higher level of accuracy. This produces the kind of accountability and show of ownership that builds reputations and increases client confidence in your services. Our users now come to expect the inclusion of such mechanisms for maintaining and improving the QA of their data as a given rather than a perk.

E&P and Mineral Companies

Manage remote title examination teams effortlessly and build your own digital courthouse, clearing the way for quicker drilling or mineral rights acquisition and providing a lasting asset with your title information.

Managing multiple brokers or independents
Revenue losses due to remote team assignments have been accepted for decades as just the “cost-of-business.” The reality is most, if not all of these budgetary black holes all but disappear when teams are empowered into accountability from improved process management.

What’s really going on out in the field
Wizdom provides pinpoint accuracy and collaborative transparency between field personnel, project managers, and remote title examiners. Track such data as an individual’s hours active in the system, or how many documents were captured and reviewed during a specific period of time. Wizdom enables managers to shed light on areas of budget loss that were previously accepted as a blind spot.

Transition management between teams
With Wizdom there is little risk of data loss and allows for smooth transitions between active teams. Our system reduces the risk to county documents captured during title examination and eases the shift between teams for a quick turnaround on the hand-off.

Selling an asset
Asset transitions are clean and efficient when using Wizdom. Capture the most informative and thorough title backup possible, increase confidence in due diligence, and likely gain the appreciation of an impressed incoming land department. Forget the days of struggling and scrambling just to cover the bases with MORs and run-sheets.

Everything the modern title examiner needs to get the job done.